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What is Cleeck?

Cleeck is a living portfolio that allows your customers to speak to the quality of your work by enabling you to build your own profile and collect customer reviews and endorsements. Instead of worrying about generating content for social media posts or hosting your own website, creating a profile on Cleeck gives you a reputation that speaks for itself. By allowing your customers to leave a review and endorse your abilities you don't need to worry about building your brand and can instead focus on what matters - your work.

A sample profile with complete information can be viewed here

There are 3 steps to getting started on Cleeck:

Step 1: Signing Up

The first step to becoming discovered is creating your Cleeck profile and this only requires your name, email, occupation and location. This page can always be accessed by clicking "SIGN UP AS A LISTED PROVIDER" in the top right corner of every page.

Step 2: Completing Your Profile

After logging in, your profile settings can always be accessed by selecting your portrait in the top right corner of each page.

If you instead signed up, you will immediately be brought to the "Cleeck Profile" page under "Account Settings".

There are four main pages for your account settings

1) Login Information:

This page controls the information that you use to log into your profile as well what information shows up when you leave reviews. This is not what people see when they search for your profile on Cleeck.

2) My Cleeck Profile:

This page controls all the information that is listed publicly and controls what people see when searching for your profile.

3) Reviews:

This page allows you to view all reviews from customers and employers.

4) Email Invites:

This page allows you to send email invitations to customer and employers so that they can rate you on Cleeck.

My Cleeck Profile

Select "My Cleeck Profile" from the menu on the left. After doing so you will be brought to the "My Cleeck Profile" page. As mentioned before, the "My Cleeck Profile" page controls all the information that people see when viewing your profile.

There are 6 sections under "My Cleeck Profile", each of which are controlled independently. Also take note of the "View Your Public Profile" button, this will link you to your public profile that everyone can see when searching for you on Cleeck. For example let's click the "View Your Public Profile" button.

Clicking this button will bring you to your Cleeck Profile Page. This showcases your profile, as well as the unique link that can be used to access your profile. In this case the link is "". You can give this link to anyone, and they will be directly linked to your profile. Right now Sadie Hopkins' profile is incomplete, and we can see that there isn't much information listed. We'll return to the "My Cleeck Profile" page to start making the necessary changes.

Profile Details

This is the best place to start. This section tells users who you work for and how to contact you. An easy place to start is adding your phone number, website, and the company you work for. Don't forget to add a photo! This is extremely important for creating an eye catching profile.

After saving our changes we will receive an immediate confirmation.

Work Address

This section tells everyone where you work. When you sign up on Cleeck, you have the option to input your address. If so, this section will automatically be filled otherwise you will have to edit it.

Sample Work

This section allows you to easily upload photos to showcase your work. Currently you can upload up to 4 photos. In order to let you focus on your work, Instagram integration is coming soon.

Social Media Profiles

This sections is used to link your social media profiles. Make sure to link all your profiles.


This section is extremely important as not only can people search based upon name on Cleeck, they can also search based upon specialization. In this case, Sadie Hopkins specializes in "Balayage, and Updos". We can easily add these by typing in the name and description, and simply clicking "Add".

Since Sadie listed "Balayage" as one of her specialities, let's try searching using the search.

You can see that after searching, Sadie will pop up because she has "Balayage" listed as one of her specializations

It is also important to add a meaningful and unique bio. Aside from customer reviews, this is one of the first personal experiences that users will have with your profile on Cleeck. Think of these questions when writing your bio:

Why did I get started?

What do I love about my work?

How do I want my customers to feel after working with me?

If I were a vegetable or a fruit what would I be? Why?


This details the prices and the types of services that you offer.

After creating and saving your changes you can see the updates post successfully to your settings as well as your profile

In order to build the best profile possible, you should try and complete as many fields as possible.

Step 3: Collecting Reviews

On Cleeck there are 3 ways to collect reviews:

1) Cleeck Profile

Every user has a unique address for their Cleeck profile. This can easily be discovered by clicking "View Public Profile" in the profile settings menu. In order to guarantee receiving a review, it is best to send your customer directly to your Cleeck page. This ensures that you get the review you deserve! In this case, the cleeck address is .

Alternatively, your customer can always search for your profile on Cleeck.

2) Email Invitations

Another option is using email invites. These can easily be accessed from the profile settings menu. You simply need to type in the email and click "Add".

This will automatically send an email letting the person know that they have been invited to review you on Cleeck, with a direct link to your profile.

3) Personalized Cleeck Sticker

Personalized Cleeck stickers are reserved for Cleecksters who have already started building their reputation. After receiving 3 reviews, you are able to request your very own Cleeck sticker that includes a barcode that makes it extremely easy for your customers to navigate to your profile using their phone, and also serves as a reminder for them to leave a review.

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